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Taka Taka is the the tastiest chain of Greek Take Away restaurants in the UK. It’s a fast, casual brand that has taken UK by storm with its healthy & nutritionally-balanced approach to traditional Gyros wraps.

Food trends can come and go, but there is no denying the global shift towards finding an authentic experience that doesn’t cost the earth. Taka Taka is the undoubted leader in the Gyros market with a gyros that is fresh with a satisfying taste sensation that comes in at around half the calories customers expect.

We have more than 4 stores thriving in Bristol and Bath. We have a hugely experienced team to make sure that the rollout of every single Taka Taka franchise is flawless. As our Franchisee all this expertise will be at your fingertips.

Franchising Key Points

Outlet Size 860-2000 square feet
Investment £150k-£250k
Kitchen Size 320-600 Square Feet
Seating 10+

We are seeking experienced and talented franchisees who wish to capitalize on this incredible opportunity by investing in the brand and opening Taka Taka outlets over time. If you are interested, please get in touch so our team can reach out to you and schedule some time in order to determine if you will be suitable fit for the brand.

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5 Reasons why you should open a Taka Taka franchise


You’ll be investing in a food tradition with a rich history

Gyros, as we know them today, became a famous dish following the arrival of Greek immigrants from Asia Minor in the 1920s. Throughout the 20th century, local fast-food shops grew in popularity, not only in Athens but all over Greece and beyond its shores.

The spicy taste of the slow-cooked meat, combined with fresh tomatoes, onions and Greek yogurt, made this wrapped delicacy popular from the very first moment of its inception.

Whatever the meat you choose, gyros are served wrapped in soft pita bread. They are usually stuffed with onions, fresh tomatoes, Greek fried potatoes, and tzatziki sauce, the famous condiment made with Greek yogurt, cucumbers and garlic. Whatever the version, one thing is for sure: Gyros is a must-eat dish for anyone.


Gyros wraps are incredibly popular

As people lead increasingly busy lifestyle, on-the-go food is becoming more and more popular. Snacks that can be eaten without cutlery and on the move are often chosen above more traditional options.

That’s why a Taka Taka franchise is such a great investment – particularly if it offers delivery services.


Gyros wraps can be eaten ‘on the go’

This tasty treat has found a place in the lives of many Brits; Greek Gyros franchises stand to gain a lot if they get the formula right.

The Greek Gyros manufacturing industry in the UK is made up of around 150 organisations that turn over more than £500 million per year.


Taka Taka franchises have the opportunity to adapt to a changing market

The food and restaurant sector is one of the most changeable industries out there; it seems like trends are coming and going all the time.

By starting a Taka Taka franchise unit, you’ll join a business that can adapt its business model to cater for new trends.

For instance, you may be able to sell a new vegetarian or vegan wrap to accommodate the growing number of consumers who are altering their diets.

Taka Taka franchise has already adapted to consumer demand as it attracts health-conscious diners by dispelling the myth that Gyros wraps are full of unhealthy fillers and contain a shockingly low percentage of real meat.

Taka Taka uses 100 percent chicken fillets in it’s Chicken gyros wraps and crafts its tasty signature pork wraps out of 100 percent lean, succulent pork.

All of its meat is sourced directly from Greece, which has rigorous standards on the quality of the food products it exports. When served, the meat is accompanied by salads made from fresh, locally produced vegetables that are delivered to each branch at the start of every day.


Taka Taka franchises can use social media marketing to their advantage

By becoming a Taka Taka franchisee, you’ll be joining the food industry, and one of the biggest advantages of doing so is the marketing potential that comes with it.

Being able to post photographs of your delicious food is incredibly effective when it comes to boosting your sales, as people won’t be able to resist popping in themselves.

Before long, you should be able to drive interest and create more demand. You could even do this before opening your second, third or fourth Taka Taka franchise unit in order to stir up interest and guarantee sales from day one. The use of innovative marketing techniques has helped it spread the word about its brand and increase its profitability.

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